OAP Breaks Down When He Hears His Late Wifes Voicemail, Twelve Years After She Died

By : Alex Bentley |


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It’s nice to get the chance to cover something geniunely lovely every now and then.

This is Stan Beaton, and he sadly lost his wife in 2003. After she had died, he kept a voicemail message of hers so that he could play it when he wanted to hear her voice. Unfortunately, last month it was deleted by Virgin Media due to work, and he was heartbroken.

Stan said:

I’ve always resisted changing companies because whenever I mentioned that my wife’s voice was our voicemail message and would it be retained and each company said no, so that’s why I never changed.

Sadly it disappeared. I was absolutely devastated by it, but also extremely angry.

In the early days I listened to it quite often. Basically, it came to the point when if I felt low then I would listen to it.

In December I learned that it had disappeared. I just could not tell people how it affected me at that time. It really did devastate me.

But BBC Radio Leeds heard about this, and contacted Virgin Media to see if anything could be done, and here is the video of them meeting Stan.

Stan has since been given a copy of the recording from Virgin for him to keep.

I’ve got a nice bottle of Glenfiddich with their name on it.

Fair play to them, and good for Stan.