One Guy Danced To Michael Jackson’s ‘Beat It’ During Baltimore Riots

By : Sam RidgwayTwitterLogo


One Guy Danced To Michael Jacksons Beat It During Baltimore Riots 1119

Amidst all the chaos in Baltimore this week, one man has been standing out from the crowd – by doing a Michael Jackson dance wherever he can take centre stage.

NBC reporter, Shomari Stone, first captured footage of Dimitri Reeves dancing in the street to Michael Jackson’s classic song ‘Beat It’, and since then people have been flooding social media with footage of him.

Many people have expressed how Dimitri’s dancing has helped put smiles on faces during a dificult time for the city, and for that, we applaud him.

It’s definitely a more alternative way of demonstrating. And Dimitri himself took to Twitter to enforce that: “Spread love and peace never violence.”

We salute you, Dimitri!