Outrageous CCTV Footage Proves This Guy Is More Than A Pervert

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UNILAD ps4 wank 8472294 Outrageous CCTV Footage Proves This Guy Is More Than A PervertLive Leak

It looks like one guy was really excited about the new releases for the PS4 – so much so, that he needed a release of his own.


Outrageous new footage uploaded to Live Leak shows the bizarre moment a guy undid his trousers in the middle of an electronics store and started pleasuring himself in front of the games console.

The pervert begins playing with his own joystick, sparing no thought for the two unfortunate shoppers stood nearby, who hastily back away when they spot the grim scene unfolding before their eyes.



Fortunately, it looks like those two unsuspecting voyeurs slink away to tell the store manager, who appears moments later to tell this guy to stop what he’s doing and get the hell out of his shop.

Why a man thought it was appropriate to masturbate to electronics, we may never know. There’s just some weird people out there…