Parents Get Brutal Revenge On ‘Teacher Who Sexually Assaulted Student’

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A teacher has been stripped naked and beaten after an alleged affair with a high school student in China.

Footage has emerged of the incident showing the man kneeling nude on the street. Social media users claiming to be his former pupils say that the man had sexually assaulted a female student.

The parents of the girl reportedly beat and stripped the man before the video was captured in Wei County, northern China’s Hebei province, the Daily Mail reports.

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Footage shows the teacher sitting naked on the floor as people can be seen crowding around and filming.

Staff at Weixian Number 1 Middle School confirmed that the man in the video was a teacher at the school, and had been for a number of years.

Apparently, no one suspected he was sexually assaulting the student as pupil evaluation of his classes were high, and there were never any problems.

The local Public Security Bureau issued a notification on August 9 confirming that they found a naked man suspected of crimes and are still investigating the case.


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