Most Pathetic Skater Vs Security Guard Fight Ever

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most pathetic skater vs security Most Pathetic Skater Vs Security Guard Fight Ever

What is it with skaters and security guards? They seriously need to get a room.


Apparently, the guy in the purple shirt is ‘Tyler Rizzi’. Yeah, we don’t know who he is either. All we know is he needs to lose a few stomach pounds and learn how to fight like a man.


After spitting his dummy out after a couple of security guards ask him and his ‘boys’ to leave, he gets in a scuffle with them both, throws a few of the worst punches I’ve ever seen in my life, then sideswipes one of the guards who’s on the ground.


Granted, his ‘boy’ was being knee’d in the back, but the cheap shot pretty much summed up the whole situation. These guys are absolute wet blankets.