People Mistake Robot For Real Woman, And Think She’s ‘Sexy’

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People Mistake Robot For Real Woman, And Think Shes Sexy UNILAD Actroid F 327119Osaka University/Kokoro Ltd

Meet Actroid F, she’s a robot – or is she?

The life-like device is so convincing that one-in-two people mistake her for a human. Not only that, she’s also been deemed ‘sexy’ by some people.

According to The Mirror the 5ft 6in machine looks exactly like a human, responds to eye contact, blinks, and can even recognise body language.

Footage of this exact robot dates back to 2010, but people have been expressing their opinions on YouTube recently, with some saying they find the doll ‘sexy’.

One viewer wrote: “I wish they had these before I married my ex-wife.” Brutal. And another added: “Is it weird if I think she’s cute?” Yeah, a bit mate.

People Mistake Robot For Real Woman, And Think Shes Sexy UNILAD ACTROID F 162579YouTube

On the other hand, some people said they were uncomfortable and fearful, as they couldn’t tell whether she was a real woman or not.

Researcher Dr David Silvera-Tawil from New South Wales University undertook an experiment to see if Actroid F could be told apart from a real human – to test whether the robotics industry would be better off creating less life-like machines, so as to not scare people.

The first experiment saw Actroid F sitting next to a human, both wearing the same clothes, and participants had five seconds to identity which was the robot.

People Mistake Robot For Real Woman, And Think Shes Sexy UNILAD Osaka University and Kokoro Ltd30544Osaka University/Kokoro Ltd

Next they sat two humans next to each other, and asked the same question – and according to Dr Silvera-Tawil about half the participants said they couldn’t confirm which one was the robot.

The experiment found that coming into contact with life-like humanoid robots made people anxious, nervous and even fearful.

Now the next step is to see whether there’s a way to reduce fear and anxiety in human beings, by getting them used to interacting with human-like robots.

Robot apocalypse here we come. Just make them all look like the Terminator and be done with it.


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