People Thought This Pup Wouldn’t Live Very Long, Timelapse Video Proves Everyone Wrong

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People Thought This Pup Wouldnt Live Very Long, Timelapse Video Proves Everyone Wrong 162

You’ve got to love a story like this.

Davie Meinert is an African actor and filmmaker that rescued a four week old Great Dane from a dodgy breeder. He called the puppy ‘Pegasus’.

Unfortunately, Pegasus had pigment deficiency that can often lead to deafness and blindness, and the rest of Pegasus’ litter were deformed or died, so Davie didn’t hold out much hope for the little lad.

But he took on Pegasus, aiming to give him the best life that he could, no matter how short:

Rescuing her was a way for me to be sure she’d be looked after. For me, she had already been born—nothing was going to change that. By rescuing her, at least I could be certain that she wouldn’t be discarded.

As he is a filmmaker, Davie naturally wanted to document his time with Pegasus. He started a video diary, which has gone on for a lot longer than expected, and the pooch is now still living a happy life.

Great stuff!


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