Dad Caught Filming Teacher’s Ass Instead Of Daughter’s Dance Recital

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With zero children to my name, I don’t know too much about school dance recitals. One thing I can definitely imagine, however, is that they’re boring as fuck. 

If I did have children, I’d probably spend the recital trying not to put my child off while occasionally smiling and pretending I enjoyed spending time with the other parents. But this guy focused his attention to something much more captivating, reports Viral Thread.

This proud and loving father was recording his little angel as she took to centre stage in the dance rehearsal for what would’ve been probably the most important thing in her little life thus far.

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Like parents everywhere, this dad was recording the event to have it on tape forever – but something else kept taking his breath away, and his attention too – the teacher’s gigantic jiggling ass.

So as his girl danced her heart out to the anthem of 2012, Gangnam Style, dad focused his attention, and camera lense, on the tightly fitted red dress which hung to the swaying buttocks of the anonymous Miss.

Dad Caught Filming Teachers Ass Instead Of Daughters Dance Recital gvucocug

At the end of the day, it’s well and good saying it’s rather amusing but alarm bells are certainly ringing. Filming a dancing teacher’s ass is certainly some questionable behaviour – no matter how great that arse may be.


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