Petrifying Video Of Naked Blood Covered ‘Werewolf’ Attacking People

By : Joseph LoftusTwitterLogo


This is the petrifying moment a naked and ‘completely sober’ Czech man ran down a residential street covered in blood, chasing (and attacking) people, mounting cars, and growling.

Apparently the footage was shot last Tuesday, after the man, who claims to be a werewolf, had jumped through a glass window into a family home and started terrorising the terrified family inside, reports the Mirror.

The CCTV footage starts as the naked man confidently strolls down a dark street, arms outstretched. But things quickly spiral out of control as he sprints after some concerned members of the public.

Petrifying Video Of Naked Blood Covered Werewolf Attacking People ONE USE Werewolf caught on camera attacking policeLiveLeak

The clip then changes to what is presumably a policeman’s handheld camera – this is where the horror truly begins as the self-confessed werewolf pounces onto the bonnet of the car, smashing the windscreen with his bare feet.

Amazingly, the man later tested negative in drink and drug tests.

Eventually, the man was detained and arrested and put into a jail cell, at which point he reportedly tried to tear apart the room.

Petrifying Video Of Naked Blood Covered Werewolf Attacking People wewfdfefLiveLeak

Police added that the man seemed to feel ‘no pain’.

It all sounds worryingly like a horror film.

Scary shit.