Police Officer Mistakes Man’s Penis For Weapon And It’s Hilariously Awkward

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This amusing footage shows the mortifying moment a police officer grabbed hold of a man’s penis thinking it was a deadly weapon.

In the video, the unnamed and topless man can be seen standing in the apartment block lobby looking sheepish, as one police officer holds his hands behind his back.

A second policeman checks the man’s back pockets before slowly moving round to the front where he thinks he has discovered a concealed weapon.

Police Officer Mistakes Mans Penis For Weapon And Its Hilariously Awkward penis1 1

When he finds the ‘suspicious’ bulge, the officer grabs hold of it several times, before realising that he’s actually been feeling along the length of the suspect’s substantial penis.

Although it’s unclear where the footage was filmed, a longer video shows the guy absolutely losing his shit in the apartment block lobby, showing his naked arse to the camera and whipping the walls with his belt.

Police Officer Mistakes Mans Penis For Weapon And Its Hilariously Awkward penis2 1Imgur

The shortened version has been uploaded to Imgur, and already been viewed nearly five million times, and it’s the officer’s dawning realisation that it’s not a firearm he is caressing which has tickled Reddit commenters’ fancy.

One user wrote: “He [the officer] seems impressed and ashamed at the same time.” Another added: “Talk about stroke of justice,” while a third said: “I love how the cop takes his hands off the guy and steps backwards like it’s going to help.”

There’s no escaping the long arm of the law.


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