Pornstars Reveal The Kinkiest Stuff They’ve Ever Had To Do On Set

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Pornstars Reveal The Kinkiest Stuff Theyve Ever Had To Do On Set pornfacebook

Long gone are the days where a jolly good thrusting in missionary was all it took to get our sexy bits rumbling. These days it’s all dirty sanchez this and octopus porn that. Filthy buggers.

In this tell-all video, we get a glimpse behind the scenes of porn as some of its stars detail  the most fucked up stuff they’ve been asked to do on set. Among the many, many bizarre confessions, one star – Mona Whales – discusses having to shove glitter in her chocolate factory before pooting it out in some sort of quasi-celebratory fart. Not a lot can trump that.

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If you’re the kind of person that’s going to get ideas after watching this video, always remember that these people are doing it in a safe environment with professional glitter extractors on hand.

So next time you’re left alone in the house with a bag of glitter, a double ended dildo and a bath full of live octopuses, maybe you just kick back, watch the professionals do it and have a good old fashioned, shame free cry-wank.