Pregnant Woman Silences Anti-Abortion Protesters Outside Abortion Clinic

By : Sam RidgwayTwitterLogo


Pregnant Woman Silences Anti Abortion Protesters Outside Abortion Clinic 225

This heavily pregnant woman confronted anti-abortion campaigners outside a London clinic this week, and left them speechless.

The protesters, who go by the name of Abort67, were protesting outside a clinic with a huge banner on display showing an extremely graphic photo of a 10 week old foetus.

The three protesters were approached by clinic staff because they were filming with a GoPro, but when this woman walked past and saw the distressing image they were using, she decided to speak up.

And speak up she does. She shoots down the pro-life campaigners and leaves them with not much else to say. In fact, they say nothing at all. For protesters of such a strong subject, they don’t have much to say whatsoever.

This is becoming a big issue in this country. Time and time again we see protesters ‘standing up’ for their ‘beliefs’ but most of the time it’s done just to get some self-gratification.

Surely demonstrations like this are done to prompt conversation and debate. But that’s not what these guys want to do. They’d rather stand next to their banner in hope that the women walking past it – who are already making one of the hardest decisions of their lives – feel a little more distressed when they go inside.