P*ssed Off Taxi Drivers In Russia Force Fare-Dodgers To Strip Naked

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P*ssed Off Taxi Drivers In Russia Force Fare Dodgers To Strip Naked UNILAD russian taxi 34CEN

Video footage has captured vigilante taxi drivers in Russia showing how unhappy they are with fare dodging passengers as they force them to strip naked and then daub them in paint.

The video shows the first incident which inspired the trend, as three men had apparently leapt out of the cab and tried to escape without paying when they arrived in the city of Nizhny Tagil. One of the men escaped but, with the help of other taxi drivers, the other two were caught and publicly embarrassed, with the footage posted online as a warning to others.

After the video – titled “‘Never F**k with Tagil taxi drivers” – went viral, similar taxi revenge attacks began to occur, including a young woman who was forced to paint her own face green while crying, although she was not forced to strip naked.


Cab driver spokesman Mikhail Bovyrin said:

We are all basically fed up with people thinking they can pull a fast one and escape without paying. What else are we supposed to do with these people? Call police and then miss out on more money while we wait for them to turn up and do nothing?

Despite the footage and a growing awareness of the trend, Russian police say they have no plans to investigate the incidents, unless someone complains.

Until then, it looks like these p*ssed off cabbies will keep taking matters into their own hands through this bizarre form of street justice!


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