Raccoon Breaks Into Alcohol Warehouse, Gets Hammered

By : Rebecca KnightTwitterLogo


raccoon Raccoon Breaks Into Alcohol Warehouse, Gets Hammered


Raccoons are known for being animals that will go and inhale any food or drink that is in front of them, so if I said that one managed to break into an alcohol warehouse, you can pretty much guess how the story is going to go.

Said raccoon seemed to be having the time of his life when he made his way over to the crates of alcohol and realised that there was a good supply of drink for him to indulge on – until it went to his head and he became tipsy. Then drunk. Then steaming.


The headache will hopefully be enough to deter the naughty creature from doing something similar again. At least go for the food and not the alcohol next time. Leave that for the humans.