Radio Host Outs Woman’s Cheating Husband To Her Live On Air

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Radio Host Outs Womans Cheating Husband To Her Live On Air UNILAD 1263

A radio station is currently taking heat after outing a cheating husband to his wife live on air.

It all happened on NOVA radio in Australia after one woman, only known as ‘Jo’, called in to find out whether her husband’s name was in the leaked database of the now infamous Ashley Madison website – a Canadian-based online dating service marketed to people who are married or in a committed relationship.

Over 37 million names were published online yesterday following a successful breach by hackers, in which they seized files with sensitive information in – including names, addresses, phone numbers, credit card details and sexual fantasies.

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Jo mentioned to the radio hosts how her husband had ‘acted funny’ when she spoke to him about the Ashley Madison situation, and that she had previously been suspicious of him.

Moments later, the hosts can be heard tapping her husband’s information onto their computer before then revealing that her husband’s name was there. Busted.

Jo doesn’t take the news well, obviously, and hangs up shortly after bursting into tears…

People on social media haven’t taken kindly to the incident, however, with many people firing shots at them for treating the situation as ‘light entertainment’.