Remember The Ice Bucket Challenge? Here’s The Condom Challenge

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Remember The Ice Bucket Challenge? Heres The Condom Challenge

You remember the cinnamon challenge, then the ice-bucket challenge, the one where you put a Mento in a bottle of Coke? Well welcome to the latest challenge taking the internet by storm – the #CondomChallenge 2015. 


Not to be confused with the condom challenge in 2013, which involved people snorting condoms up their nostrils, the 2015 condom challenge is more about filling a condom with water and dropping it on your friend’s head than inhaling Latex.

As with most of these things it seems pretty stupid, but according to Elite Daily there is a more serious message behind it – people want to promote safe sex by proving that condoms are ridiculously durable.

It shows that condoms won’t pop even after they’re filled with a gallon of water and dropped on your most adventurous friend’s head in a bathtub. Important message, and fair play for promoting the cause, but, really the videos are just bloody funny.

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