Resident Evil Umbrella Corps Gets A Release Date And New Details

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VILLAGE Battle 1 1453737468Capcom

Resident Evil: Umbrella Corps, a new action packed third person shooter from Capcom now has a digital release window of May 2016 for PC and PS4, along with some juicy new details on both its multiplayer and single player modes. 

In case you’ve seen the trailers and were starting to fly into a rage; stay calm. This deviation from the normal survival horror of Resi is a spin-off for shits and giggles, and not a new entry in the main series (Resident Evil 7 is still in the works).

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Umbrella Corps will have a multitude of modes that will support up to six players, with an emphasis on competitive team battles in a series of locations from the history of the franchise, such as the village from Resi 4 and the shady Umbrella Laboratory.

As well as having to deal with other human enemies in a hail of bullets and death, you’ll also have to contend with some of the monsters from previous games, including the zombiefied Cerberus dogs, and those pesky villagers with a penchant for parasites. These threats are stage specific, so expect each match to have a distinct flavour. Of course, variety is the spice of (after)life.

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For those of you who find the idea of playing with other people repugnant however, Capcom have your back. A new single player mode called The Experiment has been announced, and puts the player into a series of coliseum style horde battles.

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You’ll get a chance to hone your gun slinging, zombie bashing skills in The Experiment, as you play through more than 20 missions with varying objectives (most of them probably involve not dying).

Umbrella Corps will be available for £24.99. More information on additional maps and modes is still to come, but expect plenty to sink your teeth into come May.