Rihanna And George Clooney Play ‘Never Have I Ever’ In Revealing Video

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Rihanna And George Clooney Play ‘Never Have I Ever’ In Revealing Video never rihanna WEBAlex Watt | UNILAD

We’ve all played ‘Never Have I Ever’ but we’re willing to bet that most people’s answers won’t be as outrageous or cool as those put forward by Rihanna and George Clooney in this new video.

The musician and the movie star appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Thursday and got very revealing, indeed – from stories about swimming naked to dancing with nude rappers.


And, given that Ellen was the host, she wasted no time in asking her guests the most awkward and specific questions she could think up and really making Rihanna and Clooney squirm.



The only disappointment here is that no alcohol was consumed in the playing of the game, which is a particular shame since both guests admitted to a habit of overindulging in the drink.

Things got really interesting though when Clooney denied that he’d ever seen a rapper naked, to which Rihanna responded by calling him a liar. There’s definitely a story here!

Oh, and Rihanna has sent a nude selfie before but Clooney hasn’t. The more you know…


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