Rihanna’s Farting In The Bath Video Has Sent People Crazy

By : Rebecca KnightTwitterLogo


Rihannas Farting In The Bath Video Has Sent People Crazy fart web

When Rihanna made a music video consisting of her sitting in a bath, it was only a matter of time before someone decided to dub it over with something either sexual or disgusting, and it seems the school boy humour has won the race.

The singer is in the bath, doing her best to act out the lyrics to her song, Stay, and when you take the sound out and add some rather different sounds, more specifically, the sounds of farting, it’s alarming how well her expressions translate and actually work in both situations.

I can’t imagine Rihanna will be too pleased after realising this has gone viral, but either way, it’s still the singer sat naked. In a bath. So of course people are going to watch it. If you turn the sound on is up to you.


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