Rio De Janeiro Looks INCREDIBLE In Ultra HD

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Rio De Janeiro Looks INCREDIBLE In Ultra HD Rio de janeiro sunset high resolution wallpaper

Rio De Janeiro looks amazing in normal HD. So imagine just how good it looks in 10K Ultra HD.

Most HD TV’s (sorry, I’m saying HD a lot) are 1080 pixels. But this video has 10K pixels. Which explains why the picture so breathtaking. The amount of depth is unreal.

Each shot is a timelapse sequence that zooms in and out, highlighting just how good this camera is.

10328×7760 – A 10K Timelapse Demo from SCIENTIFANTASTIC on Vimeo.

However this bit of kit will set you back £32,000, so it’s not likely you’ll get your hands on one any time soon. But just think how interesting this could be in your town or city, and the windows you could see through…