Russia Uses Topless Women To Stop Speeding Drivers

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Russia is a country notorious when it comes to car crashes. Over 30,000 people die as a result of traffic accidents there every year. 

But officials in a remote area of the country have set up a radical experiment using two half naked women in an attempt to slow drivers down to the speed limit, reports the Daily Star.

Clad in some incredibly revealing lingerie and wearing nothing at all on their top half, two Russian women cat-walked up and down the highway with traffic signs held high above their heads.

Russia Uses Topless Women To Stop Speeding Drivers khkhkhkh

The officials who set up the experiment were hoping that by having such women stood by the side of the road, drivers would slow down to admire the duo or just to see what the fuck was going on.

In this particular experiment, set up by Autodvijenie, the effort proved successful as the majority of people did indeed slow down – surprise surprise.

The footage was originally shot in 2013, however, it has since resurfaced due to many Russians urging the government to come up with different solutions to conquer the nation’s traffic problems.

Russia Uses Topless Women To Stop Speeding Drivers toleeYouTube / RT

Surely anything that will slow people down on the roads is a good thing but a distraction like this could certainly result in some pretty disastrous crashes too if some poor ol’ horndog slams on because there’s two half naked models strolling up and down the road…

And I’m not joking – a billboard in Moscow showing a pair of boobs was the sole cause of over 500 car crashes when it was put up last year.

Oh, and in case you want to see the uncensored version of the video – you can watch it here.