Russian ‘Hitman’ Uses Random’s Phones To Make Ransom Demands

By : Rebecca KnightTwitterLogo


Russian Hitman Uses Randoms Phones To Make Ransom Demands russian prank 640x320

Imagine you were just casually strolling down the street, minding your own business and then were accosted by a Russian Hitman wanting to borrow your phone to call in a ransom. That is exactly what happened to these poor people – but thankfully they were all part of a prank.

Practical joker Vitalyzdtv, who has his own YouTube channel dedicated to his antics, reverted to his most popular alias, Russian Hitman Dimitry and took it upon himself to involve members of the general public in his role play – and received a variety of reactions.

Russian Hitman Uses Randoms Phones To Make Ransom Demands ransom

The majority of people reacted as you may expect – not exactly being thrilled that their phone was about to be used to call in a ransom – but there was one man who seemed more than willing to grab a slice of the action and offered his chopping skills up, claiming he would cut off said kidnapped person’s toe for £50,000 if necessary.

Like any self respecting mobster, Dimitry then takes the random’s hand and walks off with him, presumably to initiate him into the mafia.