Russian Kid Thinks His Phone Is Hammer-Proof, It Isn’t

By : Sam RidgwayTwitterLogo


Russian Kid Thinks His Phone Is Hammer Proof, It Isnt HammerPhoneCaseVid large

This poor lad thought he’d purchased a ‘hammer-proof’ phone case, and while that sounds pretty cool, it’s practically pointless.

I mean, unless you work on a really unsafe and unprofessional building site, I doubt your phone is ever going to feel the force of a hammer swinging down on it. Furthermore, it’s probably best to just hope that this scenario never happens, rather than test it and provide your phone with enough blunt force trauma to break it, which is what this gullible young fella did.

Granted, if a product is advertised with a claim such as this, it needs to back up the claim, but I have a feeling he wasn’t getting any commission for testing this out…