School F*cks Up Massively By Bullying Students At Anti-Bullying Workshop

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School F*cks Up Massively By Bullying Students At Anti Bullying Workshop Screen Shot 2016 01 24 at 14.57.21Google

An American school is facing massive criticism from the parents of students after an anti-bullying workshop saw pupils victimised horrendously.

West Allegheny Middle School in Imperial, Pennsylvania, allegedly forced eighth-grade students to enter a circle and answer a variety of questions on their sexuality, religion, their family’s wealth, intelligence of family, and if they knew anyone in prison.

Parents have argued, probably rightly, that the questions were wholly inappropriate, leaving their kids open to bullying as opposed to protected from it.

It has been reported that several parents are now preparing to take the school district to court.

Incredibly the class was called a ‘kindness workshop’, and despite failing in epic fashion officials have sought to defend it.

According to the New York Post School board president Debbie Mirich is in full support of Superintendent Jerri Lynn Lippert.

Lippert is also reported to have suggested the workshop was created with good intentions but had ‘unintended consequences.’

Who the hell approved the plan for the class to begin with?


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