School Makes Cringeworthy Video Telling Girls Cover Up At Prom

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An American high school has produced an incredibly cringeworthy video to tell female students what is and isn’t appropriate dress for prom.

According to UPROXX Cleveland High School in Clayton, North Carolina, has their prom scheduled for April, but they’ve made an early move to make sure everyone is ‘prom ‘propriate’.

Being prom ‘propriate seemingly only applies to girls though, with the entire video focusing on female fashion, banning short dresses, backless dresses, and anything with a cut-out.

Be warned, it is as bad as nails on a chalkboard.

The film was produced by the school’s media department and has been defended by the school district’s Public Information Officer, Tracey Peedin Jones.

She reportedly told UPROXX that only female dress was targeted as male clothing wasn’t problematic enough to warrant a similarly awkward film.

She also gave the following statement:

The Cleveland High School student produced video focused on being prom appropriate in order to help students understand acceptable and unacceptable attire for the prom.

Because the prom is such an important and festive event in the lives of students, Cleveland High student media production team wanted to ensure that everyone in attendance was able to enjoy their time instead of being concerned about appropriate attire.

We appreciate the students working toward being good communicators and utilizing innovative tools for getting their point across. This video is just one form of communication that shares information and expectations of prom activities prior to the event.

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Now if American sitcoms and coming of age movies have taught me anything it’s that there are a whole host of concerns at prom, not just women revealing a bit of skin.

People spiking the punch, losing their virginity, inevitably getting pregnant from having sex just once, doing drugs, pulling ridiculously elaborate pranks, showcasing someone’s underwear to younger kids for a fee, rigging the election for king and queen, the list goes on.

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It just seems a little bit harsh to have only focused what it is to be prom ‘propriate on the female student body, with absolutely no mention of how the guys can keep in line also.

In future a simple hand out of do’s and do nots for all students is probably a better shout, as opposed to singling girls out with a rating system, and torturing us with an absolutely awful video.