Scumbag Punches Guy’s Girlfriend Then Gets Absolutely Ruined By Him

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Scumbag Punches Guys Girlfriend Then Gets Absolutely Ruined By Him 233

Hitting a woman is one thing, but doing it in front of her fella is another. This scumbag gave zero f*cks about either of those things, and paid a hard price.

In the video, Mr Scumbag is seen arguing with the couple in a car park somewhere in America. It quickly escalates, and like the coward he is, throws a dig at the woman hitting her clean in the chin.

That’s when shit hits the fan and her boyfriend sees red. You don’t play with a man’s pride in front of his girlfriend. Especially when the guy is hench as f*ck. The boyfriend then takes it to him, hitting him a few times before body-slamming him to the ground and fully mounting him. Even his girlfriend gets in on it. We don’t usually condone hitting someone while they’re down, but this guy deserved every cheap shot that he ate.

Karma is a bitch.