Security Guard Splits Up Schoolgirl Fight In Most Brutal Way Ever

By : Joseph Loftus |


What’s the best way to stop two schoolgirls having a fight?

Politely interject and ask them to go their separate ways? Drag them apart to opposite sides of the corridor? Or do you do what this school security guy did?

This footage was shot back in April but due to its pretty graphic viewing it’s doing the rounds yet again on social media.

Though only 30-seconds in length, this video will stay with you as perhaps one of the most brutal fight stoppages of all time.

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We won’t ruin it for you but essentially the clip starts as two young schoolgirls get into a scrap in the school corridor. It isn’t known what they’re arguing over – the only thing that is obvious is that they’re clearly very annoyed.

They twirl and tug at each other like there’s no tomorrow; screaming and shouting and slapping. It isn’t pretty.

But then out of nowhere a gargantuan school security guard flies into the scene like a ten-tonne rock rolling down a steep hill – crushing the two girls into the floor and no doubt into a sleepy haze.


Personally I think it’s definitely too much. They’re two schoolgirls having a hair-pulling contest whereas the security guard seems to think he’s an Irish prop against England.

Oh dear oh dear as the Chuckle Brothers would say.