Shocking Moment Sleepwalker Falls From Sixth Floor And Survives

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Shocking Moment Sleepwalker Falls From Sixth Floor And Survives mackay fall WEB1Yahoo/Youtube

An Australian man had a very lucky escape when his sleepwalking took a dramatic turn and he actually jumped from the top of his hotel building in Thailand.

A new video featuring CCTV of the incident shows the shocking moment 25-year-old Scott Mackay fell from the sixth floor of the complex while in a deep slumber, and miraculously survived!

A surveillance camera captured the moment Mackay repeatedly tried to get one leg over the ledge of the roof before finally balancing on the edge and slipping off from the tremendous height.

Mackay reportedly made his way to the roof of the hotel in Phuket via the elevator, from his room on the third floor on Boxing Day last year.

Speaking to Channel Seven’s Today Tonight, he said:

I probably would have just pushed around and eventually would have just pressed a button and it would have just happened to be the top one unfortunately.

I sort of walk around and I go over next to the edge and I sort of struggle even to get over the ledge because I’m so asleep I guess. I’m not even trying to do anything, and then next thing I’m just – no hesitation – it’s like I’m jumping over a tiny little wall.

Mackay landed face first on a broken concrete floor and suffered multiple facial fractures and a broken jaw, punctured his lung, broke his hand and had bleeding in his kidney and blood clots in his legs.

But he believes it was hitting a set of power lines on the way down which saved his life.

He added:

It’s taken a lot of that weight out of the fall and sort of stopped me half way down, kind of or slowed me, and then I’ve bounced off it, so I’d say that’s definitely what saved me. I don’t think you can get much more lucky than that, to be honest.

Despite his extensive injuries, this could have been so much worse for this lad. Be careful out there all you sleepwalkers!