Sikh Man Who Helped Save Young Boy’s Life Is Given Awesome Surprise

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Sikh Man Who Helped Save Young Boys Life Is Given Awesome Surprise sikh man new

The Sikh man who famously took off his turban in order to help a young boy who was bleeding after an accident has been given a very special surprise by a New Zealand TV station.

22-year-old student Harman Singh was hailed as a hero around the world when a photo emerged of him using his headdress to cradle the head of 6-year-old Daejon Pahia, who had been hit by a car.

The wearing of turbans is mandatory for Sikh men, and it represents spirituality, honour and piety. It is not supposed to be removed in public, but Mr Singh selflessly abandoned the rules of his faith to help save the child’s life.

Sikh Man Who Helped Save Young Boys Life Is Given Awesome Surprise sikh man 11Twitter

Mr Singh’s story became a worldwide phenomenon and a news crew from New Zealand’s OneNews went to interview him at his home. Watching the report, however, many viewers expressed concern about his home – he barely had any furniture and Singh slept on a mattress on the floor.

So, the station went back to do a second report, and gave the student a big surprise.

The crew claimed to be revisiting Mr Singh to see how he was dealing with his new found fame (again, he remained modest about his actions), but halfway through this report a van full of new furniture arrived at his house.

The station and a local furniture shop worked together to surprise Mr Singh as part of a gift to repay his kindness.

Mr Singh was so overwhelmed by the moment that he broke down in tears. Soon the presenter and the whole news crew were crying too.

What a heartwarming end to such a touching story. We love this!