Silent Jay From Gogglebox Finally Breaks Silence

By : Alex Bentley |



Silent Jay from Gogglebox became a part of our Friday nights over the past few years by saying absolutely nothing, and being brilliant at it.

However the lad recently left the Channel 4 show after splitting with his missus, Eve Woerdenweber. Tough times for the kid, it’s always difficult to go through a break up, especially when you’re contractually obliged to sit with her family on national telly.

But he left the show without making a sound. Literally.

jay gif

A recently unearthed video, however, proves that the lad CAN actually speak! Not only that, but he can sing, too. Admittedly, not very well, but nonetheless, he HAS got a voice. So at least that is confirmed.

We wish him the best of luck in his future endeavours.