Six British Tourists Face Obscenity Charges In Rome After Skinny Dipping

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Six British Tourists Face Obscenity Charges In Rome After Skinny Dipping rome skinny dip

Six British architects have been charged with obscenity in Rome after they had one too many drinks and decided to take a nude swim in one of the city’s historic fountains.

Footage of the co-workers – four men and two women – shows the moment they ran and took a dawn skinny dip in the fountain of the Naiads yesterday morning.

A witness actually described the scene as “hugely entertaining”, comparing the moment to “an orgy in Ancient Rome”, but authorities have not seen the funny side.

The six, who work with Cirencester-based green development firm Environmental Dimension Partnership, now face trial for an obscene act in a public place, an offence which carries up to three years in prison in Italy.

The group had been drinking heavily prior to their late night splash in the fountain and those involved allegedly included EDP director Ben Rosedale.

According to witnesses, the six architects were in the fountain for around half an hour, laughing and joking, drawing the attention of a crowd, before police arrived and ordered them to get out. The party were issued with fines of 169 Euros (£125) each and taken to the police station to be charged.

The obscenity charge carries a prison sentence of between three months and three years. However, the group do not have to return to Italy to face trial and their conviction will likely be suspended. Although after a conviction, any further offence in Italy would land them in prison immediately.

We imagine these guys and gals are probably regretting their drunken antics this morning. Still, as p*ssed behaviour goes, it’s a little bit cooler than passing out on a pavement in Magaluf!


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