Someone Has Put Ed Miliband In The ‘Forgetting Sarah Marshall’ Trailer And It’s Amazing

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Someone Has Put Ed Miliband In The Forgetting Sarah Marshall Trailer And Its Amazing forgetting miliband WEB

Ed Miliband has had a pretty rotten time of it as of late.

He lost the election, then stood down as leader of the Labour Party and he’s really not handling it well if this new mock trailer is anything to go by.

This new mash-up replaces Jason Segel’s character in 2008 comedy film ‘Forgetting Sarah Marshall’ with Ed Miliband and the results are extremely entertaining.

Watch as Ed tries to pick up the pieces of his failed campaign to be elected Prime Minister of the UK and Russell Brand attempts to recover from his shock endorsement of Miliband and the Labour Party.

To be honest, it’s actually kind of disconcerting how well this re-imagined trailer tells the story of the 2015 General Election and Russell Brand’s failed attempts to try and influence it.

The only thing that’s missing from this is the infamous ‘Milifandom’, although Mila Kunis does look to be quite fond of Ed here.