SpongeBob SquarePants Becomes Heisenberg In New Breaking Bad Mash-Up

By : Alex Watt |


breaking sponge WEBSony/Nickelodeon

‘Breaking Sponge’ is the latest mash-up to hit Youtube and the seemingly dim SpongeBob SquarePants is more sinister and manipulative than we’d ever imagined.

This is what happens when the loveable SpongeBob is combined with the badass Walter White/Heisenberg, and it turns out those Krabby Patties are more addictive than we thought!

Mr Krabs will be concerned in case he meets the same end as Gus Fring, while we’re worried what this clip implies about SpongeBob and Sandy’s relationship.

The only letdown is that this mash-up doesn’t feature Patrick with Jesse’s voice. A missed opportunity to see a starfish repeatedly say “bitch”, in our opinion.


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