Sted Head Gets KO’d By Passenger For Bullying Guy Dressed As Mario

By : Sam RidgwayTwitterLogo


Sted Head Gets KOd By Passenger For Bullying Guy Dressed As Mario 171

Welcome to the New York train system, where a lot of crazy shit happens. The following video being no exception.

Enter Mario, or a guy dressed up as Mario, who seems to be getting a lot of shit from a dude behind him. A hench dude, at that.

After things escalate a bit, hench dude approaches both the Ninteno icon and his female friend and is pretty aggressive. Raising his fist at least once.

Then comes in Hero In The Striped Tshirt, who’s just about had enough of hench dude’s shit. After a short exchange of words, hench dude receives a flurry of accurate blows to the face. A half KO ensues and shit hits the fan.

It’s always beautiful to see someone get their comeuppance. Especially when they think they’re invincible, like this guy. Fair play stripy man!