Strangers Strip Off And Get Into Bed Together In New Dating Show

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We’ve seen blind dates and first dates on our TV screens lately, but apparently the new thing is nearly-naked dates.

A UK version of the raunchy Italian dating show Undressed will begin next week, where strangers undress each other and jump into bed together as a first date. This programme is definitely not for prudes.

According to the Daily Mail, the pair spend 30 minutes together facing a supersized screen that probes questions like ‘have you ever had your heart broken?’ and ‘are you a good kisser?’ – typical first date queries.

Strangers Strip Off And Get Into Bed Together In New Dating Show show 3YouTube/TLC

They can demonstrate the latter if they feel attracted to their date, or do other tasks set for them, like giving them a massage or acting out a position shown on the screen.

After half an hour they can decide to carry on with the date or walk out – which is bound to be brutal.

Basically, the show starts out with the suitors shaking hands, exchanging pleasantries, asking a few questions, and then they go off to the bedroom. But it all comes down to when participants select the ‘yes’ or ‘no’ button in front of their date – showing whether or not they want to see their date again.

Strangers Strip Off And Get Into Bed Together In New Dating Show show 4YouTube/TLC

We’re guessing that’s going to be an embarrassing part to watch – their answers are plastered on the big screen in front of them, so it’s no secret. And who can really handle a brutal rejection in their underwear? Then they have to get up, get dressed and walk out. Sounds terribly cold-hearted if you ask me.

With the show coming from Italy, producers no doubt wondered if it would work with Brits – who are stereotypically known for being shy. But from the first series’ trailer, they definitely drop their inhibitions (along with their clothes) and embrace the controversial dating format.

Lauren, from Leeds, appears on the first episode airing of the TLC show which airs on Friday, and admits it is only the fourth date she had ever been on.

Strangers Strip Off And Get Into Bed Together In New Dating Show Screen Shot 2016 07 04 at 152550YouTube/TLC

Saying she has ‘date phobia’, she hopes the show will cure her, the Daily Mail reports. She explained: “I hate awkwardness and this is the most awkward situation you can be in.”

Producers Fizz (part of RDF Television) told the Daily Mail the show is an innovative ‘social experiment’ and by asking the pairs to strip off and share a bed in their underwear they’re ‘accelerating intimacy and exploring the accepted rules of attraction’.

They added:

Behind the provocative headline, at its heart are funny, adorable and sometimes awkward connections. TLC’s mission is to give the nation a boost – this show promises to do just that.

At least it’s a step forward from Sex Box