Street Harassment: Woman Films Herself Walking Through New York City

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Street Harassment: Woman Films Herself Walking Through New York City 122

GoPro footage of a woman walking through New York City has gone viral after the sheer amount of ‘harassment’ she receives.

Shoshana Roberts walked through the big apple over a 10 hour period for the Hollaback social experiment in order to highlight street harassment around the world.

The black belt in Taekwondo hit the web in this video on Tuesday and it now stands on over a million Youtube views in total. In the video she stomps the curb wearing jeans, trainers and a crew-neck T-shirt and is continuously hit on by random men, from just wishing her a good morning to following her for her number.

As always, people have been outspoken on Youtube about it.

EatHelloKitty wrote: ‘How is men telling you to have a nice day and saying you’re beautiful harassment? The most vulgar thing that happened was a few yelling “DAMN!”.

Mediumvillain wrote: ‘Uh, wtf don’t you get? She was silent specifically not to portray anything in any light, and to just show the unvarnished truth of what occurs on the street, unsolicited, to women. If you can’t understand why people shadowing, following, harassing a woman – mixed in regularly with the friendly greetings – then you’re being willfully ignorant.’

It goes without saying that if you follow a woman down the street trying to get her number, and she’s completely unresponsive, you should probably give up instantly. But opinions on whether this is actually ‘harassment’ are generally split.