Stunned Driver Finds Three Half-Naked Women Hiding In His Van

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While I’m sure van drivers often find odd things hidden away in the back of their vehicles, we’re willing to bet that finding three scantily clad women would shock even the most seasoned of drivers.


So imagine how surprised poor construction worker Yuri K was when he opened up his van to find just that hiding in the back.

The cheeky girls even tried to persuade him to take them home.


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Shocked passers-by spotted the three girls clambering into the back of the van wearing just their underwear and a passing motorist filmed the trio as they climbed aboard.

Yuri explained how he saw the girls when he first arrived at work and claimed they’d already tried to stop passing drivers, presumably to get a lift home.

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Yuri explained:

I parked on the edge of the road. At this time, the girls climbed into the back of my company car .

The odd incident happened in Kazan, Russia – a region in the south west of Russia where temperatures can fall to a chilly -15C. Probably should have worn a coat, girls…


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