Teenage Lad’s Film Sends A Powerful Message About Cyberbullying

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A brave young man has called out cyber-bullies everywhere in a short but incredibly powerful film. 

The 13-year-old Irish filmmaker, Luke Culhane, made the short film Cyber Bullying: Create No Hate to tie in with Safer Internet Day — an event that aims to promote online safety among young people.

The young lad uploaded the moving piece to his YouTube account and said he made the film because he had ‘experience [with] cyberbulling’, adding he ‘wanted to help other kids deal with this.’

Teenage Lads Film Sends A Powerful Message About Cyberbullying bullyfilm1Luke Culhane

Luke hopes his films will encourage kids to ‘report it [bullying] immediately to a parent’ and most importantly learn not to reply.

As for the bullies, he wants them to watch the film and realise that ‘cyber-bullying really hurts’ and that ‘bullying affects real lives’. He adds he wants them ‘to stop and think before they post online.’

Teenage Lads Film Sends A Powerful Message About Cyberbullying bullyfilm2Luke Culhane

Young Luke was also critical of social media sites, claiming they need to take an active role in preventing online bullying.

Speaking to UNILAD, he said:

Not enough is being done to control bullying online. It’s too late when they make the comment, there needs to be some sort of filtering system put in place before it reaches the victim.

As for the future, Luke is planning on making more films. He said he loves filmmaking and hopes his work can help people. So, Steven Spielberg, look out!


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