The Awkward Moment When Spider-Man Gives Himself Concussion At Kid’s Birthday Party

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The Awkward Moment When Spider Man Gives Himself Concussion At Kids Birthday Party Screen Shot 2015 05 25 at 12.03.41

Spider-Man had a pretty embarrassing day at the office during a kid’s birthday party in Argentina.

The children’s entertainer was showing off his (Peter) Parkour moves to an enraptured young audience.

His flips and tricks were going down a treat, until he absolutely wiped out on a backflip.

The poor dude landed flat on his face and completely KO’d himself.

Naturally, the kids just found it hilarious that the guy was laying unconscious on the floor, while the concerned parents tried to revive the hapless superhero impersonator.

This lad’s Spidey Senses won’t be tingling for quite a while, we fear.


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