The Biggest Films Of 2015 Have Been Recreated In Lego And It’s Brilliant

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lego 8

2016 is going to be a fantastic year for film but let’s not forget how awesome the movies were last year.

And what better way to commemorate the best of 2015 with a video montage of some of the greatest bygone blockbusters with an added ‘legotastic’ twist?

The impressive LEGO supercut from Toscano Bricks (via Film School Rejects) features some wonderful stop motion work and a few custom minifigures that we’d love to see for sale – I’m looking at you Doof Warrior. In fact, we’d love a whole Mad Max Lego set, to be honest.

Shockingly, the short film also manages to capture some of this year’s more emotional moments. Particularly, Vin Diesel’s final goodbye to his late friend Paul Walker in Fast & Furious 7, which is almost as touching in Lego as it was in the real film.

But, personally, my favourite moment is the Ant-Man recreations which manages to play with the scale of the small Lego figures in a surprisingly creative way.

Here’s a few clips from the video. Can you work out the film?

No one should have had to ‘Force’ you to see this sci-fi epic.

lego 1

We don’t ex-spectre you to get this one.

lego 2

This film seemed to take over the ‘World’.

lego 3

You’ll be ‘Crimson’ faced if you missed this one.

lego 4

These films always seem to be over too ‘Fast’.

lego 5

The ‘Games’ have only just begun.

lego 6

As spy films go this one wasn’t a big ‘Secret’.

lego 7

You were ‘Mad’ if you missed this one.

lego 10

Is this one ‘Impossible’?