The First Trailer For The Amy Winehouse Documentary Is Here, And It’s Not To Be Missed

By : Rebecca Knight |



Amy Winehouse was one of the most talented but tragic artists of a generation, and years after her death, there is still a huge amount of interest surrounding the musician.

Now, the first trailer for Asif Kapadia’s documentary about her has been released.

The documentary goes right through from Winehouse’s early years all the way to her short time as a star and details the struggles she encountered with alcohol and drugs, not to mention depression and bulimia right up until her death.

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Kapadia has a strong history with documentaries of a similar ilk, with the 2010 one about Marcos Senna critically acclaimed and well worth a watch.

While Winehouse’s time on earth was sadly cut short, the documentary at least provides a chance for her family and fans to look back at her meteoric rise to fame, and comments from the star like: ‘I’m not trying to be a star or anything other than a musician.’

Winehouse was a musician, but she was also an icon, albeit a tragic one.