The Incredibles 2 IS Going To Happen As Writing Begins On Sequel

By : Rebecca Knight |



It might be considered a family film, but we are pretty big fans of the Incredibles and are f*cking excited to hear that a sequel is in the works.

Writer Brad Bird has admitted he is working on a follow up to the film that managed to gross £410 million at the box office and win an Oscar back in 2005, so the only surprise is that it has taken so long for it to happen!


One character that does look like he will be making a comeback in the sequel is Samuel L Jackson’s Frozone, with the actor claiming:

Every time I run into Brad he always tells me Frozone is part of what’s going on, so I have to believe that.

We’d love to see Jackson back voicing the popular character and frankly, can’t wait for the film to come out!

[via Independent]