The Isle Of Man TT Is Next Week – Check Out What The Riders Will Be Doing

By : Alex Bentley |



The Isle Of Man TT starts next week, on Saturday 30th May.

I’ve never ridden a motorbike. I fall off my pushbike far too often to trust myself. Even so, I would love to do a lap of the Isle Of Man TT track. Probably best going on the back of an experts bike though.

This video from on Guy Martin’s Tyco Suzuki Superbike shows a lap of the world famous course… Reaching 200mph!

If you don’t fancy watching the full 17 minute video, check out this short clip to see just how shit-scary it is!

If you’re a fan of crashes and fails, the Isle Of Man TT is brutal. It’s one of the most dangerous courses in the world. Check this 2010 crash out for proof…