The Robots Are Taking Over! Metal Bridge To Be Completely 3D-Printed

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The Robots Are Taking Over! Metal Bridge To Be Completely 3D Printed robot bridge WEB

A bridge in Amsterdam is set to be built entirely by robots in the machines’ latest step towards world domination.

New cutting edge technology means that the 3D printed structure will be built using “continuous extrusion technology”.

Essentially, that means that two robots will scale the steel structure as they build it and meet in the middle to complete the bridge across a canal in Amsterdam.

Having already created a series of successful small-scale prototypes, Dutch design firm Heijmans, tech startup MX3D and designer Joris Laarman are working together to make this concept a reality.

Programmed to extrude and weld together steel segments, the specialised robotic builders are able to assemble a network of structural lines and curves to form the load-bearing bridge.

This is already the first project of its kind in the world and, if successful, the technology could be used to frame tall buildings in the future.

The new techniques could eventually bring down the cost of construction, reduce building waste and help automate worksites, which means we’re getting closer to the inevitable rise of the machines.


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