These Country Stars Have Made A Pretty Good Job Of The Fresh Prince Rap

By : Rebecca Knight |


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The theme song to the Fresh Prince of Bel Air is one of the most played and recognised songs around, so performing is full of pressure and almost guaranteed to go viral, especially if you’re at a country music awards ceremony, which Carrie Underwood was.

She took to the stage with some of her fellow stars and belted out the rap lyrics for Mashable, putting their own spin on it and at times, forgetting the words totally, with adlibbing a pretty common theme throughout.


Luke Bryan, Florida Georgia Line, Frankie Ballard and Aloe Blacc were also involved in the rap, and as they tried to remember the words, it was actually a pretty impressive attempt, and while the ‘I had a shot of whiskey’ is scraping the barrel a bit, the overall effect is decent and well worth a watch – although it probably isn’t as good as the real version of the song.