These Home-Made Jurassic World Fan Trailers Are Next Level

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These Home Made Jurassic World Fan Trailers Are Next Level jurassic world fan WEB

We’re just eight days away from the release of ‘Jurassic World’ and, if you weren’t already hyped enough, check out these epic fan-made trailers.

The upcoming movie tells the story of the infamous Jurassic Park 22 years on and this time there’s a new hybrid dinosaur on the loose.

But, if that wasn’t exciting enough for you, why not check out this home-made trailer, recreated shot-for-shot on a shoestring budget? It’s got paper mache dinosaurs and everything!

Or there’s this take on the trailer, by the Sausage Party team, featuring hot dog actors and turkey dinosaurs. Here’s ‘Jurassic Pork’, because who wouldn’t want to watch a frankfurter and cocktail stick version of Chris Pratt?

And, of course, we can’t forget the geniuses who spliced footage of Andy Dwyer from Parks and Rec with the Jurassic World trailer to create the brilliant ‘Jurassic Parks and Recreation’.

June 12 can’t come quickly enough, as far as we’re concerned!


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