These Idiot Thieves Blow Up £500,000

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These Idiot Thieves Blow Up £500,000 iuhygfc

Stealing a safe, cracking it open and sharing the wealth is the dream of some thieves. Hollywood has had some great films about them over the years. However, this resembles NOTHING of the sort.

The fella in the video is wearing a balaclava, and speaking Russian.

Apparently the translation is him saying:

We devastated all the Ukies (Ukrainians) around here and we took away a whole safe with lots of dough in it.

There are probably around 20 million UAH (£500,000).

Now we have the safe and will try to blow it up because we couldn’t open it any other way.

Brilliantly, they press the ignition and blow the safe up. Including all of the money inside.

I’m not quite sure what they thought would happen, to be honest. But there must have been a better way to get into the safe!

[Via Daily Star]