This Ad For Banned Food In Russia Hides Itself From The Police

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This Ad For Banned Food In Russia Hides Itself From The Police ad hide russia

An advertisement agency in Russia has come up with a pretty unique way of getting round the country’s ban on food imported from the European Union and United States.


The nation’s ban on produce from the EU and U.S came into effect last summer and it hit a grocery store selling authentic Italian food particularly hard.

In order to promote its goods, the owner of shop ‘Don Giulio Salumeria’ hired an ad agency called ‘The 23’ to create a unique billboard.


Perhaps inspired by customised internet ads, this real-life version takes things to the next level and automatically disappears to be replaced by a typical Russian ad for a Matryoshka doll shop whenever the police show up.

With the aid of a camera and facial recognition software, the technology was tweaked to recognise the official symbols and logos on the uniforms worn by Russian police.

The result is some very confused coppers in this video when they stroll over for a closer look at the billboard.

I wonder how long it’ll be until owners of nefarious businesses in the UK get a hold of this?