This Annoying Russian Billionaire Proves That ‘Money Talks’

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This Annoying Russian Billionaire Proves That Money Talks 1136

I’m not really up to date with Russian pop culture and more accurately, who the f*ck this kid is, but apparently, he’s a billionaire.

I’m assuming this 16-year-old is the Russian equivalent to, well, most unoriginal Youtubers these days who spend endless hours creating really rushed, shockingly edited ‘pranks’ and ‘social experiments’.

In this one, entitled ‘Money Talks’, ‘Gregory Goldsheid’ gets rejected by pretty much everyone. Then, the two people who are actually game, separately receive cash for drinking his urine and stripping naked. It’s extremely cutting-edge stuff.

It’s probably going viral though, because of the fella who lamps him then takes his money. Which he definitely doesn’t deserve. Because being asked by a billionaire to drink piss and strip naked for some quick cash isn’t degrading or disrespectful at all.