This ‘British Nazi’ Tries To Burn The EU Flag In Protest… Fails Terribly

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This British Nazi Tries To Burn The EU Flag In Protest... Fails Terribly nazi2

Political opinions and debates are rife right now with the general election on the way. Here is an anti-EU protester voicing his far-right views. And failing to burn an EU flag.

Hiding his face with a balaclava, the guy believed to be part of the ‘Bolton North West Infidels’, and he stands in front of an EU flag, discussing Europe:

The European Union is corrupt to the core. It’s here to take away our nationality, our identity, our free speech and our sovereignty.

Its forced mass immigration is genocide on the British people. Its main aim is to wipe us and our country out. We want no part of it. Get us out now.

While I personally don’t agree with him, he is entitled to his opinion. It’d just be a bit more convincing if he actually knew how to set fire to a flag.

Ironically, it probably doesn’t burn because of EU fire safety standards.

[Via Independent]